Attracting Prospects

One approach that’s popular

There are any number of ways to attract prospects and turn them into seriously good customers. One popular approach is to shout louder than everyone else; bombarding a long list of unknown contacts with a constant stream of vaguely relevant messages, interrupting them on a regular basis.

This activity is undertaken in the hope that at least some of the thousands being pestered, actually happen to be looking for a supplier like you, offering the right products and services, at the right price, just at the right time in their buying cycle. Seriously?

An alternative that’s familiar

Another approach, favoured by a large proportion of SMEs, is to sit back and wait for people to stumble into the business and discover it has great products, excellent customer service, unrivalled knowledge and a wealth of experience helping customers overcome the challenges they face.

These are organisations too wrapped up in the daily activity of their business to spend the time they want on the promotion of their business. Often in desperation they seek the safe haven of advertising and networking, because then they know they’re doing something. Seriously!

A seriously good approach

We believe there is merit in both approaches. But a combination of the best of the two approaches, with a little more strategy, will undoubtedly deliver better results for the vast majority of SME, particularly where marketing is just one aspect of a busy person’s role.

We will help you recognise the right things to shout about and how best to do it. We’ll show you the benefits of waiting for prospects to find your expertise, help you engage them with your opinions and entertain them with way you inform them and overcome the issues holding them back.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is proving to be the most cost-effective and efficient method by which organisations can build brand awareness and attract prospective new sales leads. Inbound marketing has been shaped by the way your potential customers now research and buy what you have to offer.

To be effective in this always-on, digital, social-media age, you need a new marketing strategy. It has to attract visitors to your website, convert them into leads, turn leads into more deals closed and strengthen the relationship you have with your customers, increasing their loyalty to your brand.

Driving the right traffic

It’s not just about driving traffic to your website, it’s about attract the right visitors with a targeted inbound marketing strategy. We work hard to understand you and your business, identifying buyers and what makes them tick, to ensure we use the right tactics and tools to get your website found.

Once we understand the buyers you’re seeking, we can target them accurately. We’ll use keyword research to understand the terms these prospects use, then we’ll use them in unique blogs written for you, in posts on social media and to ensure the pages on your website are search optimised.

Turning Prospects into leads

Now we’ve attracted the right visitors to your website, we need to ensure you obtain their contact details so you have a genuine lead. By providing this valuable digital data, we will offer premium content that not only reflects the needs of your leads, but keeps them coming back for more.

The content will address the pain points, challenges, goals and objectives of your prospective customers. We will write eBooks, whitepapers and web copy. Well design landing pages and forms. All with irresistible calls to action that entertain and inform, to help convert prospects into leads.

Converting leads into business

Ensuring people find your business and like what they hear is only part of the job. If they’re ready to buy products or services from you, then you do what you’re good at; if they’re not ready, then we have more work to do.

By following the interactions these prospects have with you, your website and the content, our inbound marketing strategy ensures these leads are guided further through the sales funnel. We’ll use Email marketing and lead scoring to qualify your leads and bring more business, more efficiently.

Loyalty to your brand

Winning new business is one thing, ensuring repeat business is quite another. By continuing to provide premium content that tackles the challenges your customers and prospects might face, builds genuine engagement with your brand, your business and the products and services you offer.

Everything we do is designed to encourage more people to buy more, more often, for more money, by emphasising your position as a market leader, with a good reputation and a desire to solve the problems your customers face. A situation not lost on those prospects nearing their time to buy.

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