How do you know when they have finished speaking?

Not for the first time, a client was keen to point out recently that we had not closed the quote marks defining his comments, missing them off the end of the first three paragraphs. I am quick to admit that we are more concerned with telling a compelling story for our... read more

Has offline marketing made a comeback?

It’s clear to see the number of promotional letters and brochures we’re sent in the post has reduced in recent years. Online marketing seems to have taken over as it’s perceived to be a more cost-effective way to promote your business. Is this still the case and can... read more

Is it time for a website makeover?

Any marketing professional will know how important company websites are. It’s likely to be the first place your potential and current customers are going to look, to learn about your business. And if yours is outdated, unresponsive, or just doesn’t fit well with... read more

Networking tip-top tips: Part 2 – during the event

In part 1 we talked through how to prepare before attending a networking event, discussing; research, business etiquette and self-organisation. We’re now going to cover tips to consider during the event and how to beckon your better-self in these situations. At these... read more

Networking tip-top tips: Part 1 – Pre-event prep

In my last blog we talked about how small and medium-sized businesses can benefit significantly from business networking and the reasons why you should get involved. It’s time to look at how you should network; how to engage people effectively; the do’s, the... read more

Sockpuppetry – It’s a stitch up!

In today’s world, it’s rare to find companies without an online presence. And although many play by the rules, it’s not unusual to find businesses and individuals that take advantage of the anonymity the internet provides. If you’ve recently started a new venture or... read more

Writing for business: 10 grammatical goofs

In the world of PR, the correct use of grammar and spelling is essential. With a main objective of helping businesses get their message out there and achieve greater success, we know all too well that the hard work this entails can be damaged in an instant with a... read more

OMG! Mind your language

With technology always within reach, communication is quicker and easier than it has ever been. Emails, text messages, social media and apps all make it possible to share your thoughts in an instant, but as we let our fingers do the talking, is the message getting... read more
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